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**I would like to thank THE AURORA PRESS, P.O.BOX 573, SANTA FE, NM, 87504 for their kind permission in using the copyrighted reference material from DR. MARC EDMUND JONES and DANE RUDHYAR. The Depth of their Subjective Insights and Individual Genius will forever benefit us all. Their Conscious and Sub-conscious approaches in analysis found Harmony and Interaction through the very lack of competition between them.


ISBN-0-943358-25-6 Aurora Press, P.O.Box 573, Santa Fe,New Mexico,87504 Aurora Press,1991
THE SABIAN SYMBOLS IN ASTROLOGY, Dr.Marc Edmund Jones,ISBN 0-943358-40-X Aurora Press,P.O.Box 573, Santa Fe, New Mexico,87504 Marc Edmund Jones Literary Trust,1993


__________THE 360 SABIAN SYMBOLS


A WOMEN HAS RISEN FROM THE OCEAN; A SEAL EMBRACES HER Potentiality of selfhood: the individual is emerging from the collective and realizes self for the first time.
___*When positive, the degree is an illimitability of experience of which anyone can take advantage under any or all circumstances, and when negative, a failure to find a place in life because the self cannot separate itself from its own private

A COMEDIAN IS ENTERTAINING A GROUP OF HIS FRIENDS Objective understanding through extracting salient elements of being. Joy of life's discovery; or escape through humour.
___*When positive, the degree is the power of personality through a full and completely uninhibited self-expression, and when negative, a neglect of common responsibility through idle diversions of interest.

A MAN'S PROFILE SUGGESTS THE OUTLINES OF HIS COUNTRY The individual self as an avatar of greater collective reality; as participant in the larger scheme of society or life.
___*When positive, the degree is man's capacity for giving full play to every ramification of the reality he has created for himself, and when negative, an unimaginative conventionality which leaves him in bondage to every current stereotype of human relations.

TWO LOVERS ARE STROLLING THROUGH A SECLUDED PARK LANE Fullness of conscious participation in life without responsibility. Closing of a cycle of activity, implying satiation.
___*When positive, the degree is an utterly naive assimilation of self into its world and a complete flow of all effort towards some proper end, and when negative, the indiscriminate loss of the self's real assets in pure self-indulgence.

A WHITE TRIANGLE,WITH GOLDEN WINGS ON ITS UPPER SIDES Evolution of values in the sphere of inward self, but at a stage not yet substantiated. Eagerness for a spiritual goal.
___*When positive, the degree is the creative transformation of everything into an expression of enduring idea and a reflection of the real vision ahead, and when negative, blissful obliviousness to all normal or everyday considerations.

A BLACK SQUARE; ONE OF ITS SIDES IS ILLUMINED RED Primal effort toward individual selfhood. First and uncontrolled interest in any given thing. Great inner restlessness.
___*When positive, the degree is the absolute unimpeachability of a genuine self-direction, and when negative, complete loss of self-efficacy in a surrender to frustrations.

A MAN EXPRESSES HIMSELF AT ONCE IN TWO REALMS Conscious duality by which man first really differentiates himself from the animals. Versatility in work. Self-expansion.
___*When positive, the degree is unlimited versatility and a special gift for divorcing the things of issue from whatever lacks immediate pertinence, and when negative, a tendency to defeat all self-competence in an unintelligent scattering of interest.

A WOMAN'S HAT, WITH STREAMERS BLOWN BY THE EAST WIND First real attempt at self-exteriorization and embodiment in consciousness. Individualizing Eastern forces are suggested.
___*When positive, the degree is continual self-orientation to the nascent potentialities of all life and experience, and when negative, a tendency to idle posing or an empty pretense of good will and interest.

A SEER GAZES WITH CONCENTRATION INTO A CRYSTAL SPHERE Direction from within. Taking advantage of all factors in a given situation, and knowing when to make decisions. Assurance.
___*When positive, the degree is consummate insight in planning the course of events or organizing them in the light of immediate convenience, and when negative, an idle curiosity and a surrender of all reality to the vagaries of the moment.

A SCHOLAR CREATES NEW FORMS FOR ANCIENT SYMBOLS Deep understanding, beyond normal means. Abstract seership,integrating the inner and the outer. Interpretative gift.
___*When positive,the degree is an exceptional capacity for putting every part of an individual's heritage to work, and when negative, witless distortion of values and twisted perspective in general events.

THE RULER OF A COUNTRY IS BEING OFFICIALLY INTRODUCED Fine stewardship of collective racial ideals. Good and necessary, but unimaginative conformity to standards. Idealization.
___*When positive, the degree is the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would become the creative representative of eternal value, and when negative, an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense.

A FLOCK OF WHITE GEESE FLIES OVERHEAD ACROSS CLEAR SKIES A soul as yet socially immature and unadjusted; not come down to full and steady concrete expression. Self-discovery.
___*When positive, the degree is a completely naive independence or an ever-immediate capacity for rising above any giving involvement in experience, and when negative, thoughtless disinterest in anything of real value to the self.

A BOMB WHICH FAILED TO EXPLODE IS NOW SAFELY CONCEALED Intangible fears of nascent selfhood: the creative stirring up of a new perspective and a new identity suddenly revealed.
___*When positive, the degree is a dramatic rejection of any accomplishment falling at all short of very deep or hallowed purpose, and when negative, a waste of opportunity and a futile expenditure of self through vanity or petulance.

A SERPENT ENCIRCLES A MAN AND WOMEN IN CLOSE EMBRACE Power of higher wisdom manifest in the bi-polar nature. Protection by the higher genius of Self. Fulfillment in truth.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional self-discipline in the continual acquisition of a very real understanding, and when negative, a surrender to lower or transient impulses in every area of personal experience.

INDIAN WEAVING A BASKET IN THE GOLDEN LIGHT OF SUNSET Full and conscious realization of selfhood,through the memory of all the powers acquired in the past. Retentiveness.
___*When positive, the degree is the quiet persistence of each proper act of self in the interest of its own genius, and when negative, an acceptance of the dull routine of everyday as a species of transient security.


BRIGHTLY CLAD BROWNIES, DANCING IN WARM DYING LIGHT Relationship between conscious and unconscious sides of life. Invisible assistance often entailing obligation to outer forces.
___*When positive, the degree is simple good fortune together with unlimited opportunity as the direct fruitage of effort, and when negative, delusions of adequacy with a complete inability to act in real self-interest.

TWO PRIM SPINSTERS ARE SITTING TOGETHER IN SILENCE Poised and dispassionate outlook, involving either great dignity and integrity of self,or inability to live life fully.
___*When positive, the degree is an utter fidelity to self and all its special idealizations of its own capacities, and when negative, an increasing exaltation of shallow interests and a witless pretense of distinction and great virtue.

AN EMPTY HAMMOCK IS HANGING BETWEEN TWO LOVELY TREES Rest after some notable achievement. Capacity for consciousness after the act, for reaping fruits of activity. Detachment.
___*When positive, the degree is a thoroughgoing integrity established by the inner reconciliation of outer inharmonies, and when negative, inability to comprehend the conflicts of life and a consistent effort to dodge them.

A MAGIC CARPET HOVERING OVER AN UGLY INDUSTRIAL SUBURB Capacity to transform everyday life by the power of creative significance; or escape in idle fancy.
___*When positive, the degree is full realization of the broad endowment which every man may make his own, and when negative, detachment from ordinary living and a scorn for its responsibilities.

A YOUNG GIRL FEEDING SWANS IN A PARK ON A WINTRY DAY Participation of self in a life larger than any conception of selfhood. Protection, or the need for it.
___*When positive, the degree is a naive genius in the administration of both the powers of nature and the potentialities of selfhood, and when negative, an overzealous and wasteful use of the self's resources in an effort to win approval by bread alone.

A PUGILIST, FLUSHED WITH STRENGTH, ENTERS THE RING Complete immolation of self in things purely physical. Intense self-assertiveness, physical and psychological.
___*When positive, the degree is a mobilization of the self's capacities in a concentrated attempt at self-establishment, and when negative, blind rebellion and a willingness to squander every resource on pseudo values.

GATEWAY OPENING TO THE GARDEN OF ALL DESIRED THINGS Joy and utter lack of inhibitions in objective life. Self-exaltation or bondage to the craving for happiness.
___*When positive, the degree is a high quickening to every possibility of individual discovery and experience, and when negative, a tendency to while away the years in contemplating the things which might be claimed for the self rather than making any real effort to gain them.

WOMAN IN SUMMER DRESS CARRIES A PRECIOUS VEILED BURDEN First maturity of conscious life in any phase of experience. Sense of value and delicacy- or wastefulness. Innocence.
___*When positive, the degree is the unimpeachable integrity of the man whose fullness of life becomes a practical contribution to the circumstances in which he dwells, and when negative, a disinclination to participate at all fairly in everyday living.

A WINDOW CURTAIN BLOWN INWARD, SHAPED AS A CORNUCOPIA Good fortune attending upon the putting forth of effort. Rush of spiritual forces into the conscious ego. Protection.
___*When positive, the degree is an irrepressible genius for capturing the richer rewards of life and providing a wider distribution for the higher realities, and when negative, a smug and petty self-importance in dispensing favours to others.

A DOUBLE PROMISE REVEALS ITS INNER AND OUTER MEANINGS Fortuitous cooperation between inner and outer elements of being. A sense of responsibility to self or to society.
___*When positive, the degree is a facility of adjustment by which everything in a given situation may be brought into the fullest co-operation with everything else, and when negative, compromising insincerity and a lean to chicanery in all human relationships.

A MAN, BURSTING WITH THE WEALTH OF WHAT HE HAS TO GIVE Supreme endowment, and inexhaustibilty of resources in all possible life realms. Sometimes obsession by potentiality.
___*When positive, the degree is an uncompromising independence and an inexhaustible drive toward self-discovery, and when negative, an obsession by ideas of no practical worth.

THROUGH IMAGINATION, A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS REGAINED Beginning of mental maturity and slow growth of the creative faculty. Revision of attitude. Mental house-cleaning.
___*When positive, the degree is the self's effective command of itself in any situation brought to immediate issue, and when negative, self-pity as a retreat from reality.

A CROWD APPLAUDS A MAN WHO SHATTERED A DEAR ILLUSION A new light is shed upon cherished ideas. Fearless,constructive and public facing of the facts of existence. Adjustment.
___*When positive, the degree is complete spiritual independence, and when negative, a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind.

A CELESTIAL CHOIR HAS ARISEN TO SING COSMIC HARMONIES At-one-ment of consciousness with cosmic powers. Harmonic understanding and faith in the order and meaning of life.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for the effective articulation or manifestation of those eternal realities through which all people find themselves at one, and when negative, self-deception and an acceptance of every fantasy which will flatter the ego.

YOUNG DUCKLINGS DISPORT THEMSELVES MERRILY UPON A POND Essential social cooperativeness and appreciation of selfhood. Also a sense of inner restriction. Contentedness.
___*When positive, the degree is an accustomed competency or ease in dealing with immediate circumstances, and when negative, a tendency toward provincialism or an acceptance of life with an altogether uncritical complacency.


A CLEAR MOUNTAIN STREAM FLOWS THROUGH A ROCKY DEFILE Purity, excellence and immediate availability of the strength and power of being. Refreshment. Self-sustainment.
___*When positive, the degree is high achievement through an unswerving fidelity to some definite course of action, and when negative, a tendency to waste the potentialities of being by aimless self-ramifications.

AN ELECTRICAL STORM BRILLIANTLY ILLUMINES THE SKIES A sensing of the power and wonder of nature's forces. Complete transformation of the implication of all being. Awe.
___*When positive, the degree is a genius for dramatizing both the values at hand and the potentials ahead, and when negative, unreasoning timidity in all self-expression.

NATURAL TERRACES LEAD UP TO A LAWN OF CLOVER IN BLOOM The invitation extended by all nature to man for self-expression. Inspirational possibilities in all experience. Hope.
___*When positive, the degree is a creative optimism brought to embrace every facet of everyday striving, and when negative, an unwarranted self-indulgence and a disregard of all practical reality through a concern over the phantasmal and impossible.

THE RAINBOW'S POT OF GOLD GLOWS AMIDST THE SPARKLING RAIN Unlimited resources. Overflowing sense of power. Prodigality of spiritual love showered upon seekers for the highest.
___*When positive, the degree is an inner assurance which enables man to hold steady in every course of his choosing, and when negative, a loss of all opportunity through futile expectation and an unintelligent wandering off in the quests of pure fancy.

A YOUNG WIDOW, TRANSFIGURED BY GRIEF, KNEELS AT A GRAVE Revelation of meaning behind fleeting appearances. Restless quest for understanding. Birth from illusion into reality.
___*When positive, the degree is man's genius for personal aplomb or an effective transcendence of disappointment and delay in an ever-spiraling self-discovery, and when negative, surrender to frustration or descentto ineptitude.

A CANTILEVER BRIDGE IN CONSTRUCTION ACROSS A DEEP CANYON Conquest of difficulties and limitations by intelligence. Directed effort toward solving a problem. Channel-ship.
___*When positive, the degree is the directness and the practical instinct by which personality achieves ultimate benefit of its powers, and when negative, a love of short cuts and every possible escape from the obligations of daily living.

WOMAN OF SAMARIA COMES TO DRAW WATER FROM THE WELL The gaining of perspective by a return to ancient sources of being. Introspective approach to collective unconscious.
___*When positive, the degree is absolute and wholly impersonal self-giving in the hope of an honest self-realization, and when negative, a debasing and carefree dissoluteness accepted in compensation for the unattained and more enduring satisfactions.

A SLEIGH SPEEDS OVER GROUND AS YET UNCOVERED BY SNOW Independence of the will of the self from outer circumstances. Power to mould life upon the pioneer's prophetic vision.
___*When positive, the degree is a complete and effective alignment of self with whatever greater possibilities may remain unrealized in a given milieu, and when negative, a cheerful tolerance of today's frustrations in the vague hope of a better tomorrow.

A CHRISTMAS TREE LOADED WITH GIFTS AND LIGHTED CANDLES A symbol of the promise which outer life offers to the pure in heart; of immortality through giving of self to the race.
___*When positive, the degree is man's achievement of complete self-satisfaction through a simple sharing of his potentials with his fellows, and when negative, a desire to place people under obligation and to enjoy life's riches without payment in kind.

A PRETTY RED CROSS NURSE HURRIES ON AN ERRAND OF MERCY Natural, unrestrained pouring of self in service to one's fellowmen. Self-expression through compassionate understanding.
___*When positive, the degree is a complete dedication of the self to the worth-while and enduring projects through which it can lose all sense of separativeness, and when negative, a superficial pretense of humanitarianism in order to gain transient importance.

A WOMAN WATERING ROWS OF FLOWERS IN FULL BLOOM Man's and nature's creative partnership of service and beauty. Nature's rich response to man's care or lack of care.
___*When positive, the degree is the high stewardship by which man builds everything around him into an enduring organism for his own fulfillment, and when negative, superficial satisfactions and a wasteful truckling to petty concerns.

YOUNG COUPLE WALKS DOWN MAIN STREET, WINDOW-SHOPPING Inner interest in outer life which leads to whole-souled participation and achievement. Self-projection. Estimation
___*When positive, the degree is high ability in presenting the immediate potentialities of human achievement and the consequent self-realizations, and when negative, self-depreciation and a dismissal of all really desirable things as beyond actual acquisition.

A PORTER IS CHEERFULLY BALANCING A MOUNTAIN OF BAGGAGE Joy of effort put forth. Faith in the eventual results of a simple plunging ahead in things. Extreme of self-reliance.
___*When positive, the degree is an effective self-competence and virility of interest in normal living, and when negative, a dissipation of selfhood and a depreciation of all ambition through the performance of drudgery without protest.

CHILDREN SPLASH IN RECEDING TIDE AMID GROPING SHELLFISH Need for a realization of life's unity in the multiplicity of its forms. Unconscious contact with higher stages of being.
___*When positive, the degree is the integrity of selfhood through its absoluteness of attention to its own business of continuing to be, and when negative, hopeless self-diffusion through unnecessary concern over divergent potentials of experience.

MAN WITH RAKISH SILK HAT, MUFFLED, BRAVES THE STORM Supremacy of conscious mind over brute nature forces. Full appreciation of outer difficulties. Great inner resources.
___*When positive, the degree is a superb aplomb arising from the constant rediscovery of greater powers latent in selfhood, and when negative, marked insensibility to all deeper impulses and complete surrender to superficial self-interest


OLD MAN TRIES HARD TO IMPART HIDDEN TRUTHS TO A CROWD Conscious possession of greater knowledge and potentiality than can be used. Great inner fullness. Spiritual loneliness.
___*When positive, the degree is the uncompromising integrity of higher vision and an unshakable determination to dramatize it, and when negative, a failure in accomplishment through a loss of touch with everyday practicality.

A SYMBOLICAL BATTLE BETWEEN "SWORDS" AND "TORCHES" Struggle between might an enlightenment, physical desires and higher inspirations. Self-orientation. Divine enthusiasm.
___*When positive, the degree is high organizational skill and an ability to bring the magic of understanding to any specific difficulty, and when negative, a loss of self-competence through the conflicting compulsions of necessity and desire.

A WOMAN IS AIRING A LINEN BAG THROUGH A SUNNY WINDOW Revolt against musty, dark corners of being. Psycho-analysis. Self-dissatisfaction. Strong will for self-transformation.
___*When positive, the degree is high personal effectiveness in commandeering the elements of experience for any particular purpose, and when negative, dissatisfaction with things as they are and complete ineptness in handling them.

A NEW CONTINENT, FRESH AND GREEN, RISES OUT OF THE OCEAN Potentiality for tangible self-manifestation in all beings. Overflowing originality. Spontaneous, rich creative urge.
___*When positive, the degree is a revolutionary potentiality by which each individual is enabled to remodel the entire face of the universe, and when negative, a genius for futile turmoil and persistent upset.

WISPS OF CLOUDS,LIKE WINGS,ARE STREAMING ACROSS THE SKY Exalted state of consciousness; lightness and breadth of being and understanding. Mystical and ecstatic self-expansion.
___*When positive, the degree is efficiency in controlling events at any point of transition or crisis, and when negative, a diffusion of self and waste of energy in an attempt to grasp the myriad facets of the unessential.

MOVING FINGER POINTS TO SIGNIFICANT PASSAGES IN A BOOK Symbol of spiritual discrimination, of capacity for getting to the heart of any matter. Good memory. Perspicacity.
___*When positive, the degree is a sensitiveness to the enduring significance of each special complex in human affairs, and when negative, a loss of integrity through blind obedience to others and a tendency to do things by rote.

A WHITE HOMING PIGEON FLIES STRAIGHT OVER STORMY WATERS Freedom of understanding; strength based on the possession of a real mission. Transcendent activity. Self-extrication.
___*When positive, the degree is a skillful reconciliation of difficulties in the light of over-all potentials, and when negative, an ineffectiveness of mind through habitual woolgathering.

A JEWELRY SHOP FILLED WITH THE MOST MAGNIFICENT JEWELS Abundance of permanent spiritual values; or social display of traditional racial achievements. Profusion of inner gifts.
___*When positive, the degree is a happy gift for shaping all vision to larger dimensions and directing all aspiration to more than trivial ends, and when negative, a greediness which betrays the soul with trifles.

INDIAN, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING AT HIS BELT, RIDES PROUDLY Forceful intrusion of elemental energies in over-conscious selfhood. Return to primal values. Conquest of inhibitions.
___*When positive, the degree is an unimpeachable control over life through a discipline of the self and its powers, and when negative, a ruthlessness or complete inhumanity in dealing with others.

VAST PUBLIC PARK DISPLAYS GLORIOUS AND INSPIRING VISTAS Social strength of collectivities. Power of traditional culture. Faithfulness to established achievements. Immutability.
___*When positive, the degree is a high devotion to the practical welfare of all people collectively, and when negative, a complete surrender of personality to mass judgments and transient superficialities.

A SPANISH SERENADER AT THE WINDOW-GRILLE OF HIS BELOVED Power of well-defined desire which assures success in all life-contacts. Imaginative power that compels manifestation.
___*When positive, the degree is the continual reassurance by which the will of man coaxes the depths of his soul into his experience, and when negative, futile attempts to control life by empty blandishment.

A WITHERED OLD SQUAW, SMILING BRIGHTLY, SELLS TRINKETS Dignified offering of fruits of wisdom to exuberant youth. Patient understanding of destiny; or else meddlesomeness.
___*When positive, the degree is creative aplomb or the ability of humankind to dramatize itself effectively in even the least of situations, and when negative, a retreat within and an acceptance of the sterilities of life as the manifestation of selfhood.

MATURE WOMAN REAWAKENED TO ROMANCE ADMIRES HERSELF New perspective on life, genuine rejuvenation. The compelling charm of mature experience. Rebelliousness of inner hopes.
___*When positive, the degree is the soul's effective capitalization on its more enduring potentials, and when negative, a tendency to lose heart and accept lesser things when greater ones lie at hand.

TWO GARRULOUS OLD COBBLERS WORK SEATED ON AN OLD BENCH A symbol of discursive reason, the battle of "pros and cons" within the inner being. Analytical, recapitulative judgement.
___*When positive, the degree is a recognized integrity as an outer sign of exceptional talents, and when negative a willingness to putter the years away at tasks devoid of all personal meaning.

PEACOCK DISPLAYS ITS PLUMAGE ON LAWN OF OLD ESTATE Personal magnificence or unconscious splendor. Sure retreat for the solitary soul where it can reveal its inmost glory.
___*When positive, the degree is a special flair for dramatizing the heritage of the race or for capitalizing on the lessons of history in some special fashion, and when negative, a wholly unrewarded if not destructive self-contemplation.


GLASS-BOTTOMED BOAT DRIFTS OVER UNDER-SEA WONDERS Depth of realization in a consciousness constantly in touch with the sources of life. Sensitiveness to collective images.
___*When positive, the degree is high competence in the estimation of life's potentialities, and when negative, a lack of effective participation in reality because of continual indecisiveness.

SANTA CLAUS IS FURTIVELY FILLING CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS The natural beneficence in any normal human heart. Alertness to the wishes of others; the often hidden pride of benefactors.
___*When positive, the degree is an unusual capacity for bringing man's possessions into a wide acceptance and for heightening every proper joy in worldly goods, and when negative, a childish or clandestine futility in seeking any normal richness of living.

LOUIS XIV'S COURT IN THE GARDENS OF THE TUILERIES A degree of genuine aristocracy and perfection of behaviour. Self-fulfillment in form and tradition. Collective strength.
___*When positive, the degree is the creative stability which enables each individual to participate in the full gamut of satisfactions developed and cherished by his fellows as well as himself, and when negative, complete selfishness and a joy in lording it over others.

HOLLY AND MISTLETOE BRING CHRISTMAS SPIRIT TO A HOME Holiday spirit as an attempt to preserve for individuals the wealth and power of racial background. Social warmth.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for fellow participation in every rewarding expression of individuality on all levels of human relationship, and when negative, complete obsession with superficialities.

A RADICAL MAGAZINE DISPLAYS A SENSATIONAL FRONT PAGE The compelling power of social propaganda. Exteriorization of emotional sympathy in organized reform. Efficiency.
___*When positive, the degree is personality in its highly effective capacity for putting its stamp on everything it touches, and when negative, a perverse determination to quarrel with everybody.

NIGHT WORKMEN DRILL FOR OIL AMIDST NOISE AND CONFUSION Exaggerated activity in pursuit of material wealth. Capacity to drive oneself in view of future and speculative gains.
___*When positive, the degree is achievement through an exceptional concentration or specialization of effort, and when negative, long-range or foolish gambling and ill-considered self exploitation.

AN OLD WELL, FILLED WITH PURE WATER, SHADED BY TREES Deep and mature relationship between man and the basic life-giving reality of his environment. Inner assurance; poise.
___*When positive, the degree is absolute self- reliance and uncompromising faithfulness, and when negative, insensibility and ineptness in all human contact.

AROUND A CLOSED-DOWN FACTORY STRIKERS MILL DEFIANTLY A stirring of the collective,unconscious factors of being toward the repolarization of the conscious ego. Idle protest.
___*When positive, the degree is undeviating self-assertiveness and a refusal to accept any lesser in lieu of a greater, and when negative, a dissatisfaction which surrenders rather than regrasps the self's potential.

A MEDIEVAL ARCHER, WITH BOW AND ARROWS, READY TO FIGHT Superiority and ease based upon training. Sure marksmanship. Certain self-direction. Preparedness. Invisible help in trouble.
___*When positive, the degree is unlimited personal capacity for rising to the issue of the moment on any level of experience, and when negative, querulous overconfidence and quixotic notions.

AEROPLANE, AFTER A NOSE-DIVE, RIGHTS ITSELF GRACEFULLY Capacity to plunge into experience without surrendering one's principles or self-control. Self-expansion through sacrifice.
___*When positive, the degree is the highly advantageous reorientation of self through every issue, and when negative, defeat through disinclination to lift even a finger in decent self-interest.

NEWLY OPENED LANDS OFFER VIRGIN REALMS OF EXPERIENCE New vista of concrete, conscious development. renewed and enlarged opportunities. Nature's call for the pioneer spirit.
___*When positive, the degree is effective mobilization of the self's practical resources for the role it must play in daily living, and when negative, self-delusion through sheer fantasy.

A BLACK SLAVE-GIRL DEMANDS HER RIGHTS OF HER MISTRESS The will to rise above racial conditioning and limitations; or a sense of the need to conform to things as they are.
___*When positive, the degree is a high gift for taking personal advantage of every new situation in experience, and when negative, a joy in pure dissatisfaction.

WORLD-FAMOUS PIANIST BEGINS TO PLAY TO A HUGE AUDIENCE Extreme exaltation of social standing. Reaching of climax in selfhood. Ghastly sense of emptiness at the end of the quest.
___*When positive, the degree is the creative assurance which contributes enduring overtones to human understanding, and when negative, self- defeat through a delight in momentary attention or superficial adulation.

TWO PEOPLE, LIVING FAR APART, IN TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION Conscious mastery of space-time limitations of ordinary existence. Realization of basic realities in all situations.
___*When positive, the degree is an exceptional capacity for achievement through the more organic relationships of personality in given and pertinent connections, and when negative, attempted accomplishment through innuendo or underhanded means.

TWO DUTCH CHILDREN ARE STUDYING THEIR LESSONS TOGETHER Conscious approach to spiritual truth and underlying meanings. Open-mindedness. Clarity of thought along traditional lines.
___*When positive, the degree is a self-confidence of spirit by which man is able to establish himself advantageously at ease in any possible situation, and when negative, extreme provincialism and inability to communicate ideas of any moment.


WOMAN AGITATOR MAKES AN IMPASSIONED PLEA TO A CROWD Rising of the human soul in demand for the recognition by the outer nature of the needs of inner being. Self-assertion.
___*When positive, the degree is an unswerving determination to expand every potential of being and take part in every possible detail of world-wide reconstruction, and when negative, a bias forever exalting itself.

HEAD OF YOUTH CHANGES INTO THAT OF A MATURE THINKER Progression from robust participation in outer things to a realization of deeper realities. Inborn wisdom. Steady growth.
___*When positive, the degree is the effective orientation of selfhood in an over-all vision, and when negative, a defeat of accomplishment by a senseless clinging to the illusions of youth.

TWO CHINAMEN CONVERSE IN CHINESE IN AN OCCIDENTAL CROWD Alienness, but also independence from environment. Conscious self-sustainment in spite of all conditions. Individualization.
___*When positive, the degree is the effective mobilization of self and others for life's more specialized objectives, and when negative, a thorough dissipation of selfhood through alien relationships.

LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME ON DISPLAY IN A MUSEUM'S ARCHIVES Reserve of collective knowledge and wisdom beyond true individual self-expression. Deference to past experience.
___*When positive, the degree is a special capacity for the recovery of prior advantages or the effective disentanglement of present involvements, and when negative, a slavish worship of tradition and authority.

A SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANT DISPLAYS AN ABUNDANCE OF FOOD Prodigal distribution of life- resources. Inner wealth. Satiation, or discriminative use of natural energies. Rich supply.
___*When positive, the degree is a fullness of contribution and an effectiveness of requisition in all personal relationships, and when negative, a chronic inability to make decisions or a hopelessly dilettante spirit.

A LABOUR DEMONSTRATION THRONGS A LARGE CITY SQUARE The impetuous onsurge of natural instincts within the field of the conscious ego. Blind struggle. Compelling power of fate.
___*When positive, the degree is a consistent courage in attacking major problems at any cost of minor well-being or inconvenience, and when negative, futile ill-will and bluster.

DANCING COUPLES CROWD THE BARN IN A HARVEST FESTIVAL Richness of life in associations based on natural instincts. Warmth of simple living. Normal fulfillment of self.
___*When positive, the degree is an ability to plunge into major and rewarding experiences without the least self-reservation, and when negative, a dependence on superficialities for self-satisfaction and on petty indulgences for self-assurance.

THREE FLEDGLINGS LOOK OUT PROUDLY FROM THEIR HIGH NEST Conscious self-establishment in the soul and its threefold nature. Innate self-confidence. Superiority of real being.
___*When positive, the degree is an unconditioned creativity exalted to the point of complete freedom from any immediate involvement, and when negative, psychological witlessness and a false sense of release from responsibility.

CAREFREE CHILDREN SKATE OVER A SMOOTHLY FROZEN POND Capacity to use every opportunity, even in the hardest of environment, for self-recreation or relaxation. Appreciation.
___*When positive, the degree is soul-satisfying experiment in the infinitely varying channels of possible self-discovery, and when negative, a tendency to live for the momentary excitement.

A GARDENER TRIMS BEAUTIFUL PALM TREES WITH UTMOST CARE Capacity in man to control his environment and the impulses of his most intense nature. Active care for possessions.
___*When positive, the degree is an exceptional gift for bringing all things to an effective service in some special aspect of over-all achievement, and when negative, an empty display of trivial excellencies.

FROST-COVERED TREES, LACE-LIKE, AGAINST WINTER SKIES Creative bestowal of significance upon all things. Transforming power of beauty. Keen appreciation of natural processes.
___*When positive, the degree is the creative transformation by which older cycles give way to newer ones, and when negative, a reduction of the useless to a total annihilation.

YOUNG GYPSY EMERGING FROM THE WOODS GAZES AT FAR CITIES Growth of consciousness from the instinctual to the intellectual. Anticipation and mounting self-confidence. Deep longing.
___*When positive, the degree is self-release through a joy in the accomplishments of the moment , and when negative, complete disinclination to enter into the ordinary relationships of society.

BANKRUPTCY GRANTED TO HIM, A MAN LEAVES THE COURT Release of self from collective pressure impossible to bear. Determination to regather forces for new attempt. Protection.
___*When positive, the degree is an effective and over-all resourcefulness in even the worst of situations, and when negative, a willingness to dodge every responsibility and betray the very core of self.

THE FIRST MOCKING BIRD OF SPRING SINGS FROM THE TREE TOP Recapitulation of past opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle of experience. Realization of new potentialities.
___*When positive, the degree is consistent stimulation to others in all human affairs, and when negative, annoying self-assertiveness.

A PARADE OF BATHING BEAUTIES BEFORE LARGE BEACH CROWDS Use of individual vanity in raising racial standards. Examination of intellectual values for use in the soul life.
___*When positive, the degree is a special capacity for bringing the familiar desires and interests to an enduring representation of worthiness, and when negative, regression to childish vanities.


SAILOR READY TO HOIST A NEW FLAG TO REPLACE OLD ONE The nascent desire to align oneself with a larger and more significant life trend. Compelling decision. Repolarization.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for highly profitable adjustment in every developing relationship with others, and when negative, vacillation if not complete instability.

A MAN ON A MAGIC CARPET OBSERVES VAST VISTAS BELOW HIM Broadening of perspective. Supremacy of intelligence over circumstances. Conscientiousness. Objective self-control.
___*When positive, the degree is an exceptional spread of comprehension and a continual self-orientation of understanding, and when negative, a flighty transcendence or an impatience with all immediate or down-to-earth considerations.

AN ARCTIC EXPLORER LEADS A REINDEER THROUGH ICY CANYONS The pioneering, trail-blazing instinct urging man to get out beyond all things. Plunge into virgin possibilities of life.
___*When positive, the degree is unlimited self-reliance in and through every possible phase of self-expression, and when negative, self-imposed handicaps and a needless acceptance of everyday restrictions.

A HUNGRY CAT ARGUES WITH A MOUSE, BEFORE EATING HER The urge to self-justification through intellectual sophistry or social-ethical considerations. Sense of self-righteousness.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for persuading others to accept the motives of self and to co-operate with its end, and when negative, interminable quarrelling with the nature of things.

AUTOMOBILIST, RACING MADLY WITH A FAST TRAIN,IS KILLED Individual man is brought to account for his obligations to society. Curbed recklessness. Tragic escape from emptiness.
___*When positive, the degree is a special genius for a creative reorganization of all experience, and when negative, an insensitive recklessness.

INNUMERABLE BIRDS ARE BUSY FEATHERING THEIR NESTS Instinctive preparation for mature and full expression of the self. Subconscious planning or dreaming of idle dreams.
___*When positive, the degree is high intelligence and skill in enlisting the potentials of experience for the service of self, and when negative, unnecessary concern over everyday security.

IN A MOONLIT FAIRY GLADE TWO LITTLE ELVES ARE DANCING Man's recognition of the elusive play of underlying forces in nature. Cooperation with the invisible. Unusual good luck.
___*When positive, the degree is a transforming sensitivity or a healing imagination, and when negative, a senseless retreat to make-believe.

RABBITS IN FAULTLESS HUMAN ATTIRE PARADE WITH DIGNITY Reaching out to participation in a higher order through imitative behaviour. Willingness to grow; also self-exploitation.
___*When positive, the degree is unlimited assurance in any projection of self into a superior dimension of reality, and when negative, an ingenuous substitution of affirmation for accomplishment.

NAKED LITTLE MISS LEANS OVER A POND TO CATCH A GOLD FISH First curiosity of being; innocent reaching out for understanding. Untiring eagerness. Unsocial or infantile cravings.
___*When positive, the degree is ingratiating and irresistible capacity for self-expression, and when negative, continual indiscretion as a bar to any appreciable achievement.

A WONDERFUL DIAMOND IS BEING CUT TO A PERFECT SHAPE Spiritual fulfilment or the acme of civilized being. Actualization of potentialities and outpressing of real selfhood.
___*When positive, the degree is an effective gift for dramatizing the potentialities of everything at hand, and when negative, a futile lean on purely static merit.

A CLOWN CARICATURES MERRILY ALL KINDS OF HUMAN TRAITS Sharp discrimination and understanding of human nature. The light touch of masterful living; self-control; or frivolity.
___*When positive, the degree is effective sharpening of an individual's dominant or everyday impact on others, and when negative, a loss of personal influence through aimless self-exploitation.

A CHINESE WOMAN NURSING A BABY HALOED BY DIVINE LIGHT The promise to all men that God may take birth within their souls. Personality integration. Illumination; or frustration.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing the more Godlike resources or superior powers of self to a point of real community service, and when negative, completely unreasonable demands for recognition.

A HAND WITH PROMINENT THUMB IS HELD OUT RECEPTIVELY Strong, active and self-certain will, or persistent yet blind plunging ahead into reality. Freedom from soft illusions.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional steadiness and a high sense of self-responsibility in every issue of the moment, and when negative, unnecessary aggressiveness and a self-defeating short-sightedness.

AN OLD MAN, ALONE, FACES THE DARKNESS IN THE NORTHEAST Fearlessness; and noble, self-perpetuating strength arising from knowledge. Courage in the facing of spiritual problems.
___*When positive, the degree is a highly effective enlistment of deeper and hidden elements of life for some momentary end, and when negative, lack of purpose and utter chaos in understanding.

MERRY AND SLUGGISH PEOPLE RESTING AFTER A HUGE FEAST A turning to superficial things for self-strengthening. Self-indulgence in sensations. Unintelligent satiation; dullness.
___*When positive, the degree is an effective and smooth demonstration of human competence, and when negative, a self-disintegrating surrender to appetite.


A MAN HOLDS A SCROLL. BEFORE HIM, A SQUARE IS OUTLINED Underlying tendency to revert to root patterns of being:" squaring" oneself with everyday reality. Control over life.
___*When positive, the degree is an absolute and personal control and organization of self for the purposes of each special situation, and when negative, self-limitation through unimaginative perspective.

THE ARCHETYPAL SOUL BECOMES FILLED WITH LIFE-CONTENTS Gathering of all life values and experiences in the perfectly formed consciousness. Spiritually integrated knowledge.
___*When positive, the degree is a completeness of personal realization and self-consummation in every context of immediate concern, and when negative, an assumption of self-integrity neither appreciated nor possessed.

IN A CROWDED BARNYARD A HEN CLUCKS AMONG HER CHICKENS Constructively practical, natural approach to life and its simpler joys. Concern over things. Child-like group devotion.
___*When positive, the degree is a marked capacity for meeting every demand of existence advantageously and with a persisting self-fulfillment, and when negative, idle bustle and unprofitable labour.

AN ARISTOCRATIC AND FRAIL GIRL WEDS A PROLETARIAN YOUTH Blending of the cultural fruition of the past with the impetuousness of new blood. Assimilation of unconscious contents.
___*When positive, the degree is a genius for bringing various facets of life into organic unity, and when negative, bondage to outer form.

A GROUP OF SERENADERS MAKE MERRY IN A VENETIAN GONDOLA Exaltation of social intercourse in the traditional manner. Sentimental clinging to old life-ideals. The will to romance.
___*When positive, the degree is a perfecting of those personal traits and inclinations which bring an enduring satisfaction to every immediate situation, and when negative, a retreat of self from all worth-while reality.

AN OPERATIC PRIMA DONNA SINGS TO A GLITTERING AUDIENCE Elevation and popularization of human values through art as a social factor. Supreme realization of the life-ambition.
___*When positive, the degree is an overflowing richness of self through its full command of its own deep and genuine potentials, and when negative, superficial self-affirmation and unseemly display.

A YOUNG WOMAN DREAMILY AWAITS A SAILBOAT APPROACHING A longing to live life as a great adventure. The compelling power of all sustained desire and of the dreaming of dreams.
___*When positive, the degree is a sure insight into the meaning of chance events and the current drift of circumstance, and when negative, senseless dependence on accidents of fortune.

A GROUP OF INTELLECTUAL INDIVIDUALS MEET FOR DISCUSSION Interchange of ideas among any elite as a basis for the cultural development of the whole. Mental or physical fellowship.
___*When positive, the degree is accomplishment through an exacting appreciation of common effort and a rigorous revaluation of private acts and attitudes, and when negative, a substitution of idle discussion for actual participation in reality.

WOMAN AND TWO MEN CASTAWAYS ON A SOUTH SEAS ISLAND The three "souls" in man-factional, emotional, mental -"exiled" in the body. Potential fulfillment. Sense of being lost in life.
___*When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for organizing and exploiting the self's potentials, and when negative, a devastating sense of ineptitude and estrangement from reality.

LEADER OF MEN WRAPPED IN AN INVISIBLE MANTLE OF POWER Support of unconscious elements in every fearless and positive stand of the ego. Restoration of strength; or self-discovery.
___*When positive, the degree is some dramatic manifestation of genius vital to the general welfare of man, and when negative, a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.

GUESTS ARE READING IN THE LIBRARY OF A LUXURIOUS HOME Emergence of consciousness upon higher levels of being, once life has been fulfilled at normal levels. Conscious fruition.
___*When positive, the degree is a relaxation valuable for the momentary containment of human aspiration whenever it is strained beyond its powers of self-regeneration, and when negative, the loss of all reality in a needless softness of living.

A FURIOUS STORM RAGES THROUGH A RESIDENTIAL CANYON Intensification of elements necessary to arouse latent possibilities. Rising to the occasion. A descent of cosmic power.
___*When positive, the degree is an enlistment of every resource in life for a heightened expression of self, and when negative, fatuous enjoyment of turmoil.
INDIAN GIRL INTRODUCES COLLEGE BOY-FRIEND TO HER TRIBE The human soul as intercessor between primordial natural forces and the intellectual order. Self-integration. Linkage.
___*When positive, the degree is high skill in bringing older or neglected reality to the service of fresher and more vital self-fulfillments, and when negative, an inability to make personal adjustments and a stupid exaltation of conservatism.

A GREEK MUSE WEIGHS IN GOLDEN SCALES JUST BORN TWINS The revelation of latent worth in all things through the power of creative imagination. Piercing beyond appearances.
___*When positive, the degree is an effectiveness of judgment irrespective of momentary contradictions on every hand, and when negative, an undisciplined perfectionism.

A LADY OF ARISTOCRATIC DESCENT PROUDLY ADDRESSES A CLUB The will and ability to maintain a social supremacy based on thoroughly established tradition. Inner or outer aristocracy.
___*When positive, the degree is an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit, and when negative, the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority.


UNDER EMOTIONAL STRESS BLOOD RUSHES TO A MAN'S HEAD A basic symbol of Man: forceful, dangerous entrance into the Soul realm. Irresistible outpouring of self. Activity per se.
___*When positive, the degree is creativity in the day-by-day expression of the self's real possibilities, and when negative, thoroughgoing self-indulgence and imposition on others.

THE SCHOOL CLOSED BY AN EPIDEMIC, CHILDREN PLAY TOGETHER Constructive result of inconveniences of life in developing communal values. Self-sensitiveness. Subtraction from things.
___*When positive, the degree is continual self-dramatization as the basis for participation in current affairs, and when negative, retreat to self-deficiencies in a frantic effort to avoid experience.

MATURE WOMAN, HER HAIR JUST BOBBED, LOOKS INTO MIRROR Sense of freedom from age and realization of the value of youth. Self-creation and independence from fate. Will-power.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptionally effective self-mobilization for the sake of personal ambition, and when negative, wholly inadequate appreciation for the self and its destiny.

ELDERLY MAN GAZES AT MOOSE HEAD ON CLUBROOM'S WALL Self-development through the culture of masculine activities. Subservience of individual to social pattern of behaviour. Taste.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional capacity for winning and holding the esteem of men, and when negative, dependence on applause and a playing to the gallery to get it.

SUGGESTING FIGURES,GRANITE MASSES OVERHANG A CANYON Permanence of basic elements in nature underneath temporary changes and emphases.Endurance. Steadiness of self-knowledge.
___*When positive, the degree is man's genius for initial aplomb and ultimate competency in the face of all danger, and when negative, pure bullheadedness.

OLD-FASHIONED BELLE AND FLAPPER ADMIRE EACH OTHER Realization of changeless subjective worth beyond changing appearances. Interchange of sympathy. Enhanced self-awareness.
___*When positive, the degree is personal achievement through a creative appreciation and adaptation of the values established by others, and when negative, overemphasis of individualistic traits and a psychological timidity.

THE CONSTELLATIONS GLOW IN THE DARKNESS OF DESERT SKIES Sense of primordial wonder and awe before life. Unquenchable faith in a spiritual being complementing our own. Realization.
___*When positive, the degree is consistent effectiveness in understanding and self-ordering, and when negative, a loss of all present integrity through an unnecessary retreat to the remote or mysterious.

PROLETARIAN, BURNING WITH SOCIAL PASSION, STIRS UP A CROWD Leavening of the inchoate materials of a new order by a forceful vision born of repression and misfortune. Revolution.
___*When positive, the degree is a determination to share the soul's vision and to make a permanent impact on history, and when negative, futile ranting against a multitude of superficial ills

GLASS-BLOWERS SHAPE WITH THEIR BREATH GLOWING FORMS The formative power of the soul in moments of emotional intensity. Controlled self-expression. Art as a spiritual fact.
___*When positive, the degree is an effectiveness of personal participation in everyday existence, and when negative, wilful or unintelligent distortion of reality.

EARLY MORNING DEW SPARKLES AS THE SUN FLOODS THE FIELDS Freshness of spontaneous response to life and emotions. Uplifting lightness in experience; or else superficial glamour.
___*When positive, the degree is a special talent for finding the better in every situation where a worse may threaten disaster, and when negative, procrastination and total insensibility to the real powers of selfhood.

CHILDREN PLAY BENEATH HUGE OAK, SHELTER FROM THE SUN The sustaining and protective power of ancestral background against emotions. Appreciation of inborn cultural restraint.
___*When positive, the degree is a consistent zest for every possible phase of living and a real generosity of self-expenditure, and when negative, laziness exalted as a virtue.

A GARDEN PARTY IS IN FULL SWING UNDER JAPANESE LANTERNS Easy intercourse of human souls in moments of relaxation from strain. Examination of, or self-loss in social values.
___*When positive, the degree is a genuine social maturity and a effective capacity for working with others, and when negative, a lack of all appreciation for the underlying reality of life itself.

OLD SEA-CAPTAIN RESTS IN NEAT LITTLE COTTAGE BY THE SEA Reward of growth from outer to inner realms. Serenity through the overcoming of storms. Self-gained mellowness. Retirement.
___*When positive, the degree in each person's unlimited capacity for calling up afresh the powers he has gained in his struggle toward self-fulfillment, and when negative, insensibility to present reality in a full surrender to the past.

CHERUB-LIKE, A HUMAN SOUL WHISPERS, SEEKING TO MANIFEST The desire to be, to suffer and to grow which brings Spirit to Earth. Whole-souled self-giving. Yearning for experience.
___*When positive, the degree is a genius for an absolute wholeheartedness of participation in the everyday adventures of personality, and when negative, naive procrastination and a lack of all genuine interest or enthusiasm.

THE MARDI GRAS CARNIVAL CROWDS NEW ORLEANS' STREETS Spectacular, dramatic release of subconscious energies. Self-exaltation for social approval. Self-indulgence and license.
___*When positive, the degree is an irresistible heightening of self-significance across the whole face of experience, and when negative, unconvincing claims and embarrassing self-assertion.


REFRESHED BY A STORM, FIELDS AND GARDENS BASK IN THE SUN A return to values after a major life-crisis. Cleansing power of suffering overcome. Mastery of strain-or indifference.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional steadiness of perspective and fidelity to individual responsibility, and when negative, continual upset over petty issues.

VOLUNTEER CHURCH CHOIR MAKE SOCIAL EVENT OF REHEARSAL Utilization of normal human instincts as a foundation to high endeavour. Lay- participation in Mysteries. Joy in faith.
___*When positive, the degree is the effective quickening of man's heart through interests which have been expanded to a point of real concern for his fellows, and when negative, unimaginative striving for undeserved popularity.

CHEMIST CONDUCTS AN EXPERIMENT BEFORE HIS STUDENTS Practical application of principles to ordinary life. Active enlightenment; or forced awakening to inner potentialities.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional self-confidence and a delight in subjecting all experience to the test of immediate application, and when negative, unintelligent dependence on supposition or rules of the book.

A BARGE MADE INTO A CLUBHOUSE IS CROWDED WITH REVELERS The transforming powers of pure joy over routine existence. Human fellowship in the effort to make life happier, freer.
___*When positive, the degree is a gracious eagerness of participation in the more worthwhile or enduring aspects of human affairs, and when negative, thoughtless self-indulgence and contempt for the general welfare.

AMERICAN INDIANS PERFORM A MAJESTIC RITUAL TO THE SUN Man's instinctive or traditional call upon basic life-energies for sustainment. Sense of fitness in behaviour. Worship.
___*When positive, the degree is an inner and absolute realization of the self's illimitable resources in situation and background, and when negative, a surrender of all personal reality to meaningless ceremonies.

INTOXICATED DOMESTIC BIRDS FLY AROUND IN DIZZY ATTEMPTS Unsteady first realization of spiritual being. Forced inspiration which the ego cannot sustain. False self-intoxication.
___*When positive, the degree is the individual's capacity for a creative self-mobilization which will enable him to rise to the needs of every possible situation, and when negative, unnecessary bondage to externals.

A CARRIER-PIGEON ALIGHTS AT DAWN BEFORE HIS OWNERS The return of the soul-energies to the central Self after a significant experience. Adventuring. Practical enlightenment.
___*When positive, the degree is a complete mastery of all things through the normal processes of thought, and when negative, a lack of simple good sense.

THE BAREBACK RIDER IN A CIRCUS THRILLS EXCITED CROWDS The supremacy given to the man who has mastered his senses and his emotions. Full utilization of inner powers. Audacity.
___*When positive, the degree is uncompromising courage in the everyday business of living and a carefree assurance in meeting the problems of a modern society, and when negative, idle self-display and intemperate desire for applause.

A YOGI,WITH TRANSCENDENT POWERS YET UNTIDY, UNKEMPT Spiritual emphasis at the expense of outer refinement. Interior focalization of energies. Self-abnegation. Character.
___*When positive, the degree is an ease of outer accomplishment thanks to the inner intensification and increasing sensibility, and when negative, perverse satisfaction in a neglect of self.

A MAN, ALONE, DARINGLY CROSSES THE DESERT ON CAMELBACK Superiority of knowledge and will over hostile nature. Mental self-control. Spiritual strength in facing past Karma.
___*When positive, the degree is uncompromising persistence and uncomplaining self-expenditure in any course to be followed, and when negative, ruthlessness in an unintelligent self-interest.

MEN CLIMB A SACRED PEAK:BELOW,THE WORLD-ABOVE, PEACE Necessary linkage of above and below in the seeker's personal experience. Balanced dualism of subjective-objective life.
___*When positive, the degree is a total reconciliation of mind and heart in an unquestioned devotion to some worth-while task at hand, and when negative, satisfaction in superficial allegiances and a parade of false virtue.

THE AVIARY OF A RURAL MANSION, FILLED WITH SINGING BIRDS Enhancement of personality by familiarity with spiritual values. Joying in the significance of things; or mental confusion.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare, and when negative, loss of all character in sheer officiousness.

A GYPSY READS FORTUNES IN THE TEA-CUPS OF SOCIETY LADIES The quest for inner understanding through all life-conditioning. First approach to reality. Desire to transcend routine.
___*When positive, the degree is naive insight as brought to high intelligence in meeting the recurrent issues of life, and when negative, superstitious dependence on the unknown.

THE DIRECTORS OF A LARGE FIRM MEET IN SECRET CONFERENCE Activity of inner formative elements of real personality. Massing of soul-energies in an emergency. Spiritual leadership.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life, and when negative, rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.


OLD ADOBE MISSION NESTLES IN CALIFORNIA'S BROWN HILLS Mastery of man over environment while becoming an integral part of it. Recognition of established values. Impressiveness.
___*When positive, the degree is effective breadth of vision and a respect-compelling depth of character, and when negative, lack of ambition and blind adherence to superficialities.

UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM BRINGS RELIEF TO PARCHED FIELDS Liberation from adverse conditions through violent spectacular developments. Galvanizing to action. Cosmic visitation.
___*When positive, the degree is creative opportunism and a genius for shaping all eventualities to some desired end, and when negative, complete temperamental instability.

A DESERTER SUDDENLY REALIZES THE FALLACY OF HIS CONDUCT Ability to regrasp past experience and turn it to account. Sharp self-examination. Awakened new fearlessness. Decision.
___*When positive, the degree is genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties, and when negative, complete inability to follow the rules of any game.

A HINDU PUNDIT REVEALS HIMSELF SUDDENLY A GREAT HEALER Supremacy of the unsuspected faculties hidden deep within. Conscious utilization of divine potency. Revelation of self.
___*When positive, the degree is high personal skill in bringing the least of human potentials to some ultimate consummation, and when negative, false claims of psychological power in an effort to impress others.

A WORLD-LEADER IS SEEN GUIDED BY HIS ANCESTORS' SPIRITS The rich ancestral heritage of every individual, which is the potent foundation of character. Direct, real inspiration.
___*When positive, the degree is power through absolute self-integrity, and when negative, sterile conservatism.

IN AN ALLEGORICAL MYSTERY RITUAL A MAN OFFICIATES ALONE Compelling urge in every soul to express the unknown and the more-then-physical. Sensitiveness to high purpose. Conflict.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for dramatizing the deeper or real opportunities of a human society, and when negative, consistent self-mystification and marked impracticability.

OUT OF THE COSMIC EGG,LIFE IS BORN FRESH AND VIRGINAL New actuation of effort by the power of unrealized purposes. Self-expression beyond all expectation. Spiritual protection.
___*When positive, the degree is a highly individual and completely unlimited resourcefulness, and when negative, naive reliance on external accident.

WAX FIGURES DISPLAY BEAUTIFUL GOWNS IN STORE-WINDOWS Need for public presentation of virtues and life standards. Exteriorization of value, that it may be shared with others.
___*When positive, the degree is achievement through the effective dramatization of human character on some level of everyday understanding, and when negative, futile effort to recapture outworn experience.

IN MEDITATION, A FLAG IS SEEN, WHICH CHANGES INTO A EAGLE Process of spiritual realization as it progresses from outer to inner standards. Rebirth, or rebellion against drudgery.
___*When positive, the degree is accomplishment through utter self-dedication, and when negative, vindictive pride.

UNSPOILED BY POPULARITY NOW WANING A MAN PLANS ANEW Ability to rise above vicissitudes of passing fortune. Faithfulness to self. Dependence upon native endowment. Projection.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing the issues of life to a dramatic consummation at a time of crisis, and when negative, prodigal opportunism.

ARTIST, AWAY FROM THE WORLD, RECEIVES A NEW INSPIRATION Creative power in man: its relationship to social behaviour. Self-crystallization in a form of power; or self-exploitation.
___*When positive, the degree is an enthusiastic idealism and a tireless desire to serve others, and when negative, complete self-obsession.

LIFE'S BROAD STAIRWAY: EACH LANDING, A NEW GRADE OF LIFE Points of pause and tradition, where the soul can evaluate its progress. Graded effort. Necessity for divorcing the past.
___*When positive, the degree is an effective forward point of view and a genuine capitalization on all prior accomplishment, and when negative, frantic efforts to keep ahead of others.

A BAROMETER HANGS UNDER THE PORCH OF A QUIET RURAL INN Vantage point in consciousness whence life may be observed and measured in peace. Inner retreat of a soul seeking truth.
___*When positive, the degree is unusual keenness of observation and exceptional competence in judgement, and when negative, superficial uncertainty and a continual trimming to passing events.

ON A STEEP CLIMB, A TUNNEL OFFERS SHORT-CUT TO A TRAIN The way within to outer success. Sure relief to the toiler ready to face facts. Penetration and direct accomplishment.
___*When positive, the degree is man's gift for meeting the most exacting of demands on his various potentialities, and when negative, uninspired conformity to limitation.

TO LOVE-BIRDS ON A FENCE SING OUT THEIR PURE HAPPINESS Contagiousness of happiness in human associations. Revelation of constructive reality. Radiation of spontaneous faith.
___*When positive, the degree is a self-consistency which wins an absolute loyalty and a complete co-operation, and when negative, unreasoning jealousy.


BUSINESS MANAGER AT HIS DESK STUDIES A COMPLEX PROJECT The central control of operations needed in all organized enterprise. The head-function. Surety in decision. Management.
___*When positive, the degree is effective self-realization through achievement of consequence, and when negative, ambitious superficiality.

WATCH DOG ON GUARD AS GOLD-MINER SLEEPS NEAR HIS STRIKE Nascent protective faculties in all men as they adjust themselves to new conditions. Competent organization of affairs.
___*When positive, the degree is unswerving faithfulness to ideals and a real determination to achieve them, and when negative, unfriendly instincts and groundless suspicion.

AT MASQUERADE,THE LAST MAN UNMASKS,URGED BY THE GIRLS The introvert's desire to protect himself from social judgement. Clinging to self-valuation. Conservation of experience.
___*When positive, the degree is a considered self-dedication to greater or more wonderful reasons for being, and when negative, self-betrayal through exceptional ineptitude.

A FOREST FIRE SUBDUED, THE WEARY FIGHTERS FEEL JUBILANT Exaggeration of life-problems, which reveals to man his real stature and which expands him. Impatient challenge. Ascendancy.
___*When positive, the degree is special skill in bringing personal interests to some larger point of effectiveness, and when negative, a fear of experience and a subtle delight in calamity.

WHITE DOVE CIRCLES OVERHEAD;DESCENDS, BEARING A MESSAGE The blessing of every effort by the "Holy Ghost" of revealed significance. Exaltation of all individual efforts. Celebrity.
___*When positive, the degree is a facility for ordering all personal desires in a cosmic framework and a gift for knowing when to act and what to do, and when negative, sanctimonious self-deception.

A WOMAN IS DISAPPOINTED, AS A MAN LEAVES HER BOUDOIR Capitalization upon misfortune by which spiritual justification is gained. Supremacy over experience. Inward retirement.
___*When positive, the degree is the self's inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback, and when negative, the acceptance of all defeat as final.

CHILDREN REVEL UPON A SOFT NEW CARPET IN THEIR NURSERY Life's warmth and richness given to those who eagerly learn to live. Luxurious self-knowing, or self-appreciation. Comfort.
___*When positive, the degree is unusual capacity for the exploitation of immediate resources and the deepening of every potential of selfhood, and when negative, carefree self-indulgence and meaningless luxury.

A BIG TRAINED BEAR PERFORMS,SITTING ON A HUGE CHAIR Need to build an adequate concrete vehicle for cosmic power. Performance beyond native endowment. A striving for balance.
___*When positive, the degree is a consistent desire for genuinely significant experience and a willingness to dramatize the self's potentials to any necessary extent, and when negative, frantic efforts to gain and hold attention.

NOW FREED FROM PASSION, A MAN TEACHES DEEP WISDOM Utilization of experience and passion by the intelligence that remains un-involved. Self-conquering. Genuine dispassion.
___*When positive, the degree is effective accomplishment through a genuine peace of inner understanding, and when negative, thorough dissatisfaction with the normal fruits of living.

A BUTTERFLY EMERGES FROM ITS CHRYSALIS, RIGHT WING FIRST Necessary advance of volition over reflex elements. Willing approach to problems of being. Fitting to alien ideas. Choice.
___*When positive, the degree is a genius for turning deficiency into a real asset, and when negative, unhappy and rebellious conceit.

A GARAGE MAN IS SEEN READY TO TEST THE BATTERY OF A CAR Capacity of self to take up and deliver spiritual power. Controlled release of power through the emotions. Measurement.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional ability in manipulating the fundamental complexities of living, and when negative, self-defeating worry over trifles.

AMID RARE BOOKS, AN OLD POTTERY BOWL HOLDS FRESH VIOLETS Reality of spiritual or esthetic values, linking generations of seekers for the highest. Addition or commitment to value.
___*When positive, the degree is a high realization of values and a real gift for using them, and when negative, a loss of self in conventionality and its meaningless trappings.

HUGE PILE OF SAWED-UP WOOD INSURES HEAT FOR THE WINTER Rich contribution of nature for all who work with foresight. Intelligent preparation. Calm yet potent faith in Providence.
___*When positive, the degree is man's uninhibited and enthusiastic desire to be at work or to mobilize everything around him in his own interest, and when negative, unnecessary surrender to hard or unrewarding effort through a total lack of imagination.

METAMORPHOSIS COMPLETED, A BUTTERFLY SPREADS ITS WINGS Immortality of the real self. Graduation into a new realm of being. Confident projection of self; lack of self-confidence.
___*When positive, the degree is uncompromising faith in the promise of existence itself and in the wonders of a continuing creation, and when negative, utterly sluggish response to reality.

MOON-LIT FIELDS, ONCE BABYLON, ARE BLOOMING WHITE Soul-refreshing inner poetry of being. Spiritually nurtured sentiment which illumines the heart. Voices from the past.
___*When positive, the degree is self-illumination through exceptional service to others, and when negative, witless reaction to fantasy.


LATE SATURDAY AFTERNOON: CROWDS FILL THE PUBLIC MARKET The social nature of human responsibilities. A last-moment,joyous rallying to a task. Seed synthesis at end of cycles.
___*When positive, the degree is an exceptional capacity for organizing the converging and conflicting interests of many people in practical arrangements of mutual benefit, and when negative, complete insensibility to any over-all welfare.

SQUIRREL,SHOWING HUMAN ACUMEN,HIDES FROM HUNTER Instinct of self-preservation as a basis for greater realization. Lifting of self to surer foundations. Transference.
___*When positive, the degree is an intelligent independence of spirit and a consequent real gift for setting the conditions for all personal participation in events, and when negative, self-debasing timidity.

A PETRIFIED FOREST: PERMANENT RECORD OF ANCIENT LIVES Mastery of form over substance. Archetypal immortality. Conscious handling of existence. Participation in race impulses.
___*When positive, the degree is effective continuity and breadth of resource in all human effort, and when negative, complete immobilization in superficial reality.

CARS CROWD A NARROW ISTHMUS BETWEEN TWO RESORTS Linkage in activity of all community values. Free flow from ideas to consummation. Sense of significance in relationship.
___*When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for organizing all transient enterprise in patterns of a rewarding and overall effectiveness, and when negative, stubborn blindness to the general welfare.

A WARM-HEARTED CROWD GATHERS AT A CHURCH BAZAAR Interchange of spirit and understanding on which groups are built. New self-development. Discouragement mastered. Commerce.
___*When positive, the degree is a special genius for philanthropy and the organization of society's real concern for the well-being of men in general, and when negative, social exclusiveness and smug self-satisfaction.

A PARADE OF WEST POINT CADETS IS HELD AS THE SUN SETS Self-exaltation through consecration to the task of defending collective values. Self-testing. Perception of high goals.
___*When positive, the degree is schooled self- assurance and absolute responsibility, and when negative, unimaginative exercise of special privilege.

FOG HIDES THE SHORE;BUT ON A CLEAR ROCK A CROSS RESTS Concentration of values amidst the chaos of outer living. Clear light of high realization. Acceptance of life's limits.
___*When positive, the degree is a rugged independence of inner spirit and a courageous rejection of all outer compromise, and when negative, utter timidity of self-interest.

in service to the whole. Spiritual socialization. Call to participation in the race work.
___*When positive, the degree is an eagerness for self-expression and an alertness to every opportunity for self-justification, and when negative, officiousness and delight in regimentation.

THE RACE BEGINS:A JOCKEY SPURS HIS HORSE TO GREAT SPEED The capacity of man to throw himself fully into any type of activity. Self-quickening. Premature expenditure of energy.
___*When positive, the degree is a spectacular gift for rising to any occasion, and when negative, witless gambling of every resource and potentiality.

THE AVIATOR SAILS ACROSS THE SKY, MASTER OF HIGH REALMS Transcendence of normal problems. Gaining of celestial responsibilities. Consummation of the highest ideals. Coronation.
___*When positive, the degree is special competence in whole judgement and long-range planning, and when negative, insensate otherworldliness or irresponsible isolationism.

SEEKERS FOR ILLUMINATION ARE GUIDED INTO THE SANCTUARY Introduction of conscious mind to the intuitive soul-realms. Self-dedication. Self-awakening; or surrender to inner fears.
___*When positive, the degree is high accomplishment in an effective alignment with the ultimate reality, and when negative, obvious hypocrisy.

CANDIDATES ARE BEING EXAMINED BY THE LODGE OF INITIATES Inner ordeal before every true seeker. The individual facing collective wisdom. Re-affirmation of purpose. God-revelation.
___*When positive, the degree is instinctive conformity to the highest expectation of everybody concerned in each new situation of consequence, and when negative, embittered self-solicitude.

OLD WEAPONS IN A MUSEUM: IN A GLASS CASE, A SACRED SWORD Courage and fearlessness needed in the quest for spirit and real understanding. Real faith in self; or emptiness of dread.
___*When positive, the degree is personal power in living common ideals, and when negative, ridiculous pretence of epic merit.

A YOUNG LADY, WRAPPED IN FURS, DISPLAYS SUPREME ELEGANCE Necessary superficial advertisement of inner worth. Certification of true merit. Schooled esteem. Embarrassing wealth.
___*When positive, the degree is high accomplishment through a consistent representation of the self's assets in the best possible light, and when negative, amoral opportunism.

AN OFFICER IN UNKEMPT CAMPAIGN UNIFORM DRILLS HIS MEN Subjective of outer appearances to real necessities. Potent compulsion of a great task to be performed. Opportunity seized.
___*When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing genuine efficiency and real adventure to common objectives, and when negative, uninspiring drudgery.


IN A QUIET MUSEUM,AN ART STUDENT DRINKS IN INSPIRATION Subjective source of strength around all manifestation. Communion with accumulated race power. Deep, vibrant realization.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional capacity for meeting the unusual developments on every level of human experience, and when negative, delusions of cleverness and contempt for real effort.

EASTER:RICH AND POOR ALIKE DISPLAY THE BEST THEY OWN A symbol of "high moments" in life, when man challenges himself and renews his faith in circumstances. Self-improvement.
___*When positive, the degree is tireless self- refinement in an effective inspiration of others, and when negative, a craving for attention.

IN A HUGE TENT A FAMOUS REVIVALIST CONDUCTS HIS MEETING Reinforcement of faith which can open up a new environment. A revision of ideas back to source. Critical survey of life.
___*When positive, the degree is a genius for organizing divergent capabilities in a common cause, and when negative, delusions of grandeur and unassuming bombast.

MASTER AND PUPIL COMMUNE IN STRENGTH IN A LONG WALK Body-strengthening function of the soul. Release from race karma. Transmutation of everyday facts into intelligence.
___*When positive, the degree is high executive ability through patient investigation and genuine psychological insight, and when negative, a desire to live by rule and a conceit of empty knowledge.

IN THE QUIET OF EVENING THE FARMER'S SUPPER AWAITS HIM Encompassing richness of experience whenever a particular ordeal is over. Spiritual nourishment. Ingathering of forces.
___*When positive, the degree is an effective sensitiveness to every passing need of mankind, and when negative, naive selfishness and a wholly witless optimism.

CHILD WATCHED BY CHINESE SERVANT CARESSES A WHITE LAMB Eager probing of the soul into its many potentialities and higher reaches. Self-expansion: or refusal to grow in Spirit.
___*When positive, the degree is completely unconditioned self-discovery out of wholly unlimited potentialities, and when negative, groping aimlessness.

DOWN A SYMBOLIC MOUNTAIN IF INDUSTRY COMES A NEW MOSES Man's success in meeting the challenge of a new order. Codification of new values. Holding oneself to highest standards.
___*When positive, the degree is self-sacrifice and a determination to further the ultimate upliftment of all men, and when negative, self-exploitation and impenetrable egotism.

A "MATERIALIZING MEDIUM" SUMMONS WEIRD GHOSTLY SHAPES Display of powers which, though physical, transcend our normal awareness. Subjective mastery of, or passivity to life-forces.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional ability in shaping every immediate aspect of life to a personal convenience, and when negative, instability and confused perspective.

IN A TINY LOST ISLAND MEN BUILD HAPPILY THEIR OWN WORLD Adaptability and inherent creativeness of man. Extreme of surety in self-expression. Centralization of supernal forces.
___*When positive, the degree is achievement through a creative opportunism or inventiveness of exceptional order, and when negative, snobbish complacency and self-indulgence.

AFTER DRASTIC REFORMS A PURIFIED CLERGY OFFICIATES ANEW Ability periodically to cleanse from all selfish dross the channels for spiritual service. True vision. Soul-reformation.
___*When positive, the degree is revolt against all superficial exaltation of human nature, and when negative, blind bigotry and vindictiveness.

TWO RAPT LOVERS AND A PHILOSOPHER WATCH THE NEW MOON Polyphony of values as man lives at various levels of consciousness. Inner call to realization. Transmutation of meaning.
___*When positive, the degree is a thoroughgoing capitalization on life's transitions and an effective development of every emerging potentiality of self, and when negative, a completely disruptive vacillation.

THE HARVEST MOON RISES IN TRANSLUCENT AUTUMNAL SKIES The power of creative visualization by which great Dreamers transcend outer reality. Complete dominance of circumstances.
___*When positive, the degree is self-consummation which is successful beyond any possibility of measure, and when negative, loss of self in a welter of opportunity.

UNDER THE FULL MOON THE FIELDS SEEM STRANGELY ALIVE Normally unnoticed powers released at the fruition of natural processes. Call of universal mind to the heart. Fullness.
___*When positive, the degree is high reward
in worldly goods and exceptional self-integrity in using them, and when negative, irritating pride of possessions.

SCIENTIST IS MAKING TESTS BY MEANS OF SPECTRUM-ANALYSIS Capacity of mind to transfer its power to machinery. Enlargement of perception. A closing-in of vision. Subtle analysis.
___*When positive, the degree is exceptional accomplishment through judgement of unusual accuracy, and when negative, fatuous pride of intellect.

A SEER'S DREAM NOW LIVES: A FACE CARVED INTO HUGE ROCKS Eventual concrete manifestation of all higher poetic images and enduring truths of the race. Sure culmination of effort.
___*When positive, the degree is self-integrity in its irresistible impact on the course of events, and when negative, wholly inarticulate and ineffectual self-realization.


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__Suggested Reading for its Reference Value

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by Dane Rudhyar,Vintage Books-Division Random House-New york,Copyright 1973 Dane Rudhyar ISBN:0-394-71992-1







Independent, original, aggressive, the start, the Leader, liking personal authority, an aggressive talker.
Duality, adaptable, tactful, understanding, gentle, Family, a listener, a follower, companionship, harmony, co-operation.
Union of Divine and Human, sociable, dramatic, entertainer, self-expression, a talker.
The idea of solidity, work, order, constructive, stability, endurance, discipline, details.
The 5 senses, versatility, resourceful, adaptable, change, travel, activity, movement, adventure, speculation, a talker.
Family, equilibrium, Social responsibility, service, Love, friendship, compassion, creative, counselling, healing, fitness, peace, a listener.
Quiet, private, reclusive, introvertive, analytical, mystical, philosophical.
Money, accumulation, power, responsibility, recognition, good judgement.
Universal Love, humaneness, compassion, service, patience, tolerance, self-service, endings.


[11]_Limelight, Inspiration, Religion.
[22]_Materialism, Large Endeavours.
[33]_Sacrifice, Compassion for others.
[44]_Helping others resolve daily problems, _____Counselling.



VENUS_______MARS_________ JUPITER

Ability_______ Direction______Understanding


__This means that each planet is prominent 3 times
per Sign, times 12 signs = 36 times prominence.




__[1-5 PHYSICAL]______[6-10 SOCIAL]
__[11-15 SPIRITUAL]____[16-20 PHYSICAL]
__[21-25 SOCIAL]______[26-30 SPRITUAL]

Aspiration, assertive, enthusiastic, energetic, impatient, aggressive, short-tempered, foolhardy.

Virility, stubborn, practical, reliable, greedy, patient, boring, possessive, comforts.

Animation, communicative, versatile, quick learner, cunning, two faced, inconstant.

Expansion, protective, moody, nurturing, tender,
anxious, defensive, smothering.

Assurance, self-confident, arrogant, leadership,
dignified, conceited, overbearing.

Assimilation, perfectionist, over modest, interfering, detailed, critical, hygienic, submissive, nit-picking.

Equivalence, cooperative, diplomatic,indecisive, frivolous, peaceable, dependent,loving, easy going.

Creativity, dramatic, destructive, vindictive, suspicious, purposeful, mysterious.

Administration, careless, adventurous, extravagant, tactless, wise.

___________[286-300..Group-Performance-Dependence] Discrimination, stern, serious, careful, ambitious, calculating, narrow-minded, essimistic, prudent.

AQUARIUS...[301315..Contribution Defensiveness]...
Loyalty, casual, objective, progressive, distant,
perverse, scientific.

Sympathy, compassionate, confused, impressionable, service, passive, imaginative.



Identity, Personal motivation, image others see,
the individual, self-image, physical appearance,
interests, temperament.
Possessions, Conditioned contact, feelings, attitude to material values, money, property, personal security.